Supported Technologies
This is a partial list of technologies currently supported by Optimax
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Use the right technology for the job!

Bullet   C#/.NET
    We provide custom programming solutions using the latest version of the Microsoft® .NET framework and Visual Studio, utilizing the capabilities of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Common Language Runtime, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Windows Workflow, ADO.NET, and other .NET-based technologies, too numerous to mention. We support cloud-based services on Azure.
Bullet   JavaScript
    We enthusiastically support ECMAScript 6, as well as older versions - in the browser, and in Node.js. We take advantage of numerous community-supported libraries and tools. Our first choice for front-end development is Angular.js.
Bullet   C++ and C
    We are experts in the kind of low-level system development best performed in C++ or C, sometimes with the judicious additon of appropriate assembly language. When performance and latency - measured in microseconds - really matters, we are there to create the most efficient and reliable code that performs to the highest standards.
Bullet   Delphi/Pascal
    We are world-class experts in Delphi/Object Pascal development, having been producing software solutions in this environment since 1985 - originally with Turbo Pascal, then Delphi.
Bullet   Java
    We support the latest JDK version on all platforms. For UI development, we support both JavaFX and SWING frameworks.
Bullet   Go
    We support the compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language developed by Google Inc.
Bullet   Ruby and Python
    Some of the most popular scripting languages are also our favorites. Ruby and RAILS for Web development, Python for rapid prototyping either standalone or in .NET via the DLR, we do it all.
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